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Thread: Teaching English in Russia / Ukraine

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    Teaching English in Russia / Ukraine

    I would like to know: Has anyone ever taught English in Russia, or Ukraine? What were / are your qualifications? Has anyone learned English from a "foreign" teacher? Did your teacher speak the Russian language well? Were the classes in a public or private school? Has anyone ever attended an English Camp? What were your experiences like? And... any recommendations for a person who is contemplating Teaching English in Ukraine or Russia? Any recommendations for a placement, or school?
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    i teach and have taught eng. in moscow. no teaching qualification, charge $40 and up for 60 mins. dont do it with a program or in a russian school as they pay peanuts. go thru private agencies etc. they're always looking for native speakers
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    I've taught in eastern Europe (not Russia or Ukraine) but have to agree that private instruction is much more lucrative. I wasn't fluent in the country's native language but total immersion" classes are extremely popular and (from my own experience with them) more fun for students.

    As far as finding jobs, I would suggest contacting some of the private institutions or advertising for yourself and becoming a private tutor. The latter actually worked out for me quite well.

    Some schools might prefer a candidate with a TEFL/TESOL teaching certificate and some experience too (I think you can even get these online?). Good luck.

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    I only lasted one day in the CELTA course and then I quit. That was last week. After one and a half hours of sitting in class I decided it was a waste of money and left.

    But a TEFL is asked for at a lot of schools, however I hear that if you are there in Russia in person you can get hired, even though you may end up teaching in Siberia.
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