For the past two years a local station has been running a very cute commercial (apparently it runs in other places too as the one I found on YouTube is for New York) and the other day it came on for the first time this year as they are FINALLY predicting some snow around here.

I thought I'd share the commercial and realized that I needed to explain the concept of a "snow day" as many of you will have no idea what the commercial is about.

Here in the Washington, D.C. area, we don't handle snow very well. A few inches and people drive crazy and abandon their cars in the middle of the road and schools get canceled, delayed or let out early or sometimes a combination. Part of the reason for schools being cancelled is that we have soooooo many children that take buses to school. In my county:

• Buses transport 100,000 students to and from home and school daily • There are 1,264 buses in the fleet
• Buses travel more than 19 million miles per year
• Buses travel more than 100,000 miles per day – Four times around the equator

So you can imagine that a little snow on the hills that have not been salted or cleared become a problem and so... they close schools at just the mention of snow around here... And that my friend is a childhood dream come true. Children wear their pajamas inside out and backwards when they go to bed in hopes that they will get a snow day in the morning! Honest! Then in the morning they gather around the TV sets and wait for the news to say...