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Thread: FOR SALE: Russian Language Training Materials

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    FOR SALE: Russian Language Training Materials

    Hello everyone,

    I have a large amount of used Russian language materials up for auction on Ebay! Auction ends Sunday evening.

    The item number is 6983220952. Thank You...

    Below is a list of books included in this one and only auction.

    Learn Russian Now ver 8 (software) (CDs only, no printed material)
    Oxford Consise Russian Dictionary (ISBN 0-19-860152-2)
    Pocket Russian Dictionary (ISBN 0-375-70467-1)
    Barron's Russian Vocabulary (ISBN 0-8120-1554-1)
    Barron's Russian Grammar (ISBN 0-8120-4902-0)
    Barron's 501 Russian Verbs (ISBN 0-8120-4662-5)
    Katzner English - Russian / Russian - English Dictionary (ISBN 0-471-01707-
    Galosa - A basic course in Russian Book 1 (ISBN 0-13-895038-5)
    Galosa - A basic course in Russian Book 2 (ISBN 0-13-293176-1)
    Russian Language 30 (2 x cassettes and book) (ISBN 0-910542-86-4)
    Say it in Russian (prase book) (ISBN 0-486-20810-9)
    Dermo (The Real Russian Tolstoy Never Used)(This book has adult language)(ISBN 0-452-27745-0)
    Barron's "Learn Russian" (ISBN 0-8120-4846-6)
    English Grammar for Students of Russian (ISBN 0-934034-21-4)
    Book of Russian News articles (ISBN 5-86547-115-5)
    Russia 2000 (ISBN 5-86547-133-3)
    Barron's Master the Basics (Russian) (ISBN 0-8120-9164-7)
    Russian for Beginners (ISBN 0-06-463287-3)
    Russian Book about the AK-47 (ISBN 5-86547-093-0)
    Short story (russian text on one page and english on the facing page) (ISBN 5-88337-022-5)
    Selected Verse from William Wordsworth (no ISBN, purchased in Russia)
    Russian Stories Dual Language Book (russian text on one page and english on the facing page) (ISBN 0-486-26244-
    Barron's "Pronounce it Perfectly in Russian" (one book and two cassettes) (ISBN 0-8120-8016-5)
    Russian lesson book and with two cassettes (ISBN 5-86547-055-
    Russian lesson book with one audio casette (no ISBN, purchased in Russia)
    Russian for beginners (no ISBN, purchased in Russia)
    1000 Russian text articles (no ISBN, purchased in Russia)
    Box of Russian Volcabulary Cards (ISBN 1-55637-012-1)
    Box of Russian Verb Cards (ISBN 1-55637-043-1)
    Box of Russian Grammar Cards (ISBN 1-55637-042-3)
    Tour Book - St Petersburg Traveller's Guide (no ISBN, purchased in Russia)

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    Hmmmm... almost like a commercial ad but its garage-sale character makes me want to leave it here.
    ~ Мастерадминов Мастерадмин Мастерадминович ~

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