Here is letter I got from Russian Life about it.
From: "Sales at Russian Life" <>
Date: October 6, 2010 12:31:08 PM PDT
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Not ANOTHER Russian program shut down?!

Dear Russophile:
We have just heard that SUNY Albany has announced it is cutting its Russian and other language programs as a way to attack its budget deficit. You can read the article about the cuts here:
Cuts hit home in any language - Times Union
If you agree with us that it is short-sighted to cut the funding for study of languages that our own government has defined as "critical," you can sign an online petition here. It just takes a minute, and maybe with enough support, SUNY Albany will look take another look and find a way to preserve this vital program.
SUNY-Albany Discontinues Valuable Language Programs Petition
Paul Richardson
Russian Life magazine
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