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Thread: Russian Poetry Anthologies, in Russian??

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    Russian Poetry Anthologies, in Russian??

    Hi all,

    I've been looking for Russian poetry anthologies, in Russian. (So far, is the best place I've seen for buying texts from Russian publishers. If anything, I'll probably order from there, unless you know of a better place.)

    Strangely, I can't find much. Ideally, I'd like long-ish (one volume, or multi-volume) anthologies that select as much representative poetry from early on, up to the mid 20th century. On Amazon, I found: "Три века русской поэзии," which is a 700+ textbook of sorts. It looks good, but perhaps there's something better, and larger.

    On, I saw: Поэзия народов СССР, which looks part of a multi-volume series. It's 800+ pgs, but covers only 4th - 18th centuries.. I can't find the other volumes.

    I also saw Поэзия Серебряного века, which looks like an excellent anthology for the period, but couldn't find a golden age volume. I'd expect a companion by the same publisher, but I guess not. I'm not averse to purchasing a few volumes, covering different times periods in Russian poetry, provided they're reasonably priced.

    Any suggestions?
    Я плохо пишу по-русски. Если я совершаю ошибки, или что-то собственное противно смыслу или глазам, поправляйте, пожалуйста.

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    Re: Russian Poetry Anthologies, in Russian??

    Hi, The Sloth

    1. As for Russian poetry please try (free resource). To find the poet you need please type in his name in the search (or Поиск) slot, eg. Ахматова - ... oup1=sites

    2. For modern poetry please try (free resource). The list totals 186933 Russia's poets, non-professionals or amateurs included, who post their poetry nowadays.

    You are welcome!

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