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Thread: Russian Graduate Schools

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    Russian Graduate Schools


    This is years off for me, but I was interested in potentially going to Graduate School to study Russian, and I was wondering if any of you either have been to Graduate School for Russian, or know where I can find information on it. Google searches aren't giving me much. I'm only looking for schools in the states. Thanks!

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    Re: Russian Graduate Schools

    Several universities have excellent Russian language programs, though it depends on precisely how you'd like to study the language.

    The programs I am most familiar with are Russian and Russia-focused international relations programs, such as:

    Georgetown - School of Foreign Service
    SAIS - Johns Hopkins
    University of Indiana
    University of Texas
    Harvard - Davis School

    Best of luck!

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    Re: Russian Graduate Schools

    You don't go to grad school to study Russian language per se. You go to study Russian international studies, Russian literature, Slavic linguistics with a focus on Russian, Russian poesy, Russian dialectology, etc. I went to the University of Chicago in Slavic linguistics. Although Russian was my focus, I had to learn about the other dozen or so Slavic languages and take several courses in one from each of the two other Slavic branches.

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    Re: Russian Graduate Schools

    Ah, I see. I was hoping this was the case because I looked at the Graduate programs for each of the aforementioned schools, and all were something similar to Russian and Slavic Studies; I guess that's what I'm looking for. I'd like to find one where I can focus on Russian Language, and still study Russian Literature, as well.

    Chaika, I see you're in Chapel Hill, NC. Any chance you teach Russian at UNC?

    Anyway, thanks!

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