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Thread: Russian baby talk

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    Russian baby talk

    So, I've noticed how (the really) young people in russia use weird words while speaking, first I thought they were mispronounciations, but now learned that they are "child-words" or paralell words.

    Are there some kind of rule to create these kind of words? Could you give some examples of some words with the original words beside them?

    I would start with an example if I new any, but I can't come up with one right now.

    Is anyone actually understanding what I mean?

    // Fester

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    Yes, I understand. Yes, there is some logic for creating them, although it is applied intuitively.
    Should you come up with an example, post it, and we'll try to find an explanation.

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    Изучайте от американских младенцев

    Идите к 0:40 чтобы не тратить время
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