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Thread: Rosetta Stone

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    Rosetta Stone

    Has anybody tried the Rosetta Stone program(s) for learning a language? I was just curious to see if it was any good. I tried their little demo at the mall. I think it seems okay, but I'm skeptical.

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    Re: Rosetta Stone

    I used Rosetta Stone through much of the 1st level, for studying Russian.

    Although I think it is useful, it is NO substitute for a Russian course. I think it's excellent as a supplement to a course, but if you try to learn Russian only from Rosetta Stone, my opinion is that you will be very disappointed.

    As a language teacher myself, I think it is excellent for AV training to supplement grammar and vocab, but don't rely on it exclusively. I have no clue how the U.S. astronauts supposedly learned Russian from it, to be able to work with the Russian cosmonauts.

    Honestly, I wish they'd sell the Rosetta engine to language teachers, and let us program it with our own pictures and dialogue. It's a great engine with a lot of potential.

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