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Thread: Please do not ignore!

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    Please do not ignore!

    There is a game in the theme "Book Reviews" called "Never-ending Thread" («Бесконечная нитка»). Briefly: we write a story, each other write 1 sentence so the story became longer and longer endlessly.

    The rules:
    1. everyone writes by ONE sentance in their turn (only in Russian/only in English respectevelly)
    2. you can not write your sentance until TWO sentances appiered after yours.
    3. the plot is only a matter of our fantasy and sense of word - you can turn the action wherever your mind could wish but you should make your efforts to not write nonsense and make the story look interesting and fun.
    4. You can neither write the end nor finish the story.
    5. Start your post pasting the previous story and then add your phrase.

    Please join us in this game

    Those who learn Russian write here in Russian:
    Those who learn English write here in English:

    All this especially concern English speakers, who refuse to continue their story.

    Do not say you know about this game – this is an advertising.

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    Please don't spam. Reminding us once is enough

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    Dear spammer,
    Get a... ahem, hm, mmmm... er...

    You know.

    «И всё, что сейчас происходит внутре — тоже является частью вселенной».

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