I was a bit under the weather today and decided to finally catch up with Pioneer One.

If you haven't heard of it, it's a Canadian (I think) series that was produced for release straight to Bittorrent. Basically a project to test the feasibility of non-commercial TV series - A pirate project. I think everyone should support it.

The quality of the first show is so-so, but it gets better as the series progresses.

The acting in Episode 4 is really good and the portrait of American politicians is funny and well done. I just finished this episode and at this point I'd say it's a pretty good series with lots of potential. I really hope they continue.

The reason why this is a relevant for this forum is that there is a bit of a Russian connection with the series.

The background story is that the USSR in its time had a secret Mars programme, and something rather extraordinary happens as a result of this programme, in modern times. Cool concept, I thought.

The first couple of episodes have some rather silly stereotypes about Russians and the USSR, but I think the producers must have recieved feedback from Russian viewers, because it gets a bit better in the later episodes. If Russian people can watch it and disregard the stereotyping I think you'd agree it's a cool series.

Watching this (and DONATING) is basically a political act that anyone who supports bittorrenting should consider. It might be a pioneer in double meaning; a forerunner for how "TV" will be done in the future.

One more warning: There is some rather bad attempts at speaking Russian in Episode 4. That brings down the whole thing. There must be a million people on the American continent who can speak Russian, surely they could have found a native speaker....

Any views on the series? I think it's pretty ok and I will continue to watch the new episodes on principle because I support BT:ing and also because I am a sci-fi fan.

Here is the website of the series, where the torrents can be grabbed legally and for free.

PIONEER ONE an original dramatic series for VODO.

Anyone who doesn't know how to use bittorrent... Learn it... or watch on Youtube.