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Thread: mp3 tags?

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    mp3 tags?

    Hmm . . . I've been having troubles with mp3 tags for russian songs all along. Last year a friend gave me a CD of music, and the cyrillic tags show up fine on my computer, but as nonsense letters on my ipod. I've learned a bunch of songs which now I cannot identify. And the tags for the music I just got from Dimitri also comes out as strings of nonsense on my computer (Though I love the music itself).

    Does anyone know of some sort of MP3 tag converter which will help me fix the tags so I can read them? I thought once I read about a program which does this.

    Does anyone know how to get a regular Ipod to display cyrillic?

    Thank you.

    (enjoying music)

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    If you want your computer to read the mp3 tags correctly you have to change the setting in 'the regional and language options' and select Russian as the language to read non-Unicode programs. Also you'll be able to modify their contents.

    But there's a catch. Since Windows can't handle more than two languages at the same time, it will mess up the other languages (only the special letters) you may have on your computer.
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    Only in non-Unicode programs, and I doubt they constitute the majority of popular programs nowadays. Regardless, she did actually ask about her iPod, not her PC?

    I don't think you have much of a chance of getting Cyrillic on yer iPod under normal circumstances, if you've tagged them in Unicode and it doesn't work straight-off. All I can suggest is that you try flicking your 'pod's language to Russian, if available (might break your Latin-alphabet song tags, though).
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