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Thread: Most common words/Частотные списки

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    Most common words/Частотные списки

    Hi. Im intresting in this subject, and I want to know that are you think about it. - excel file you can download, including most common Russian words I make by one of this list:
    You can filtered words by the type... verbs, nouns, etc. Is it usefull?

    Another link is and where instruction on English. This is very intresting project, I have tryied to use it for translating some phrases. But I think this database much more powerful, then it used now...

    So, i think if I'll have database of words with translations (links or Russians and English) and with information about frequncy of use it, it will be very usefull to learn language - for example I'll can change only verbs, or nouns, and study only most common.

    Maybe somebody have something like this?

    I have found another resources for this subject, but its not that I want: ... in_English

    ps. На русском я бы понятнее написал, конечно. Но надо ведь тренироваться

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    Re: Most common words/Частотные списки

    Quote Originally Posted by Shurick
    most common Russian words
    In my time, I had made such a list. The only thing, I was making it in the opposite direction - it was a list of 5000 most common English words.
    I found it useful. It enabled me to start reading, though with much difficulty at first, English literature in the original.

    You can filtered words by the type... verbs, nouns, etc. Is it usefull?
    For my list of English words it wasn't a good idea. It is better to become accustomed from the start that in English the same word can often be a noun, a verb and so on.

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