Was not certain if we have anyone on the forum who is in the Philly or NY area. This is NOT my email it was sent to me on one of the listserves I am on.
(BTW, in the event you are not used to the world of fashion...it is typical for fashion show models who are NOT well known to NOT get paid for fashion week)

Please send all submissions directly to the client at m@marinamakaronmoscow.com

Seeking volunteer talent to perform during Philadelphia Fashion Week.

Marina Makaron Moscow, one of the 15 designers taking part in Philadelphia’s first ever Fashion Week is looking for a group of 5-7 actors who will perform in and outside of the Vendor’s booth throughout the event and also to perform an introduction to her runway show.

This will be a 3 day event, October 8 -10th with the runway show on the 10th

They will accept submissions from males and females - over the age of 18.
The ability to speak Russian or speak with a heavy Russian accent a plus Also, anyone with tap dancing experience is a plus

There is No Pay for the talent

Talent will be performing various skits throughout the day:

Improving a skit where talent are drinking vodka, laughing, singing and dancing while talking loudly and arguing in Russian or with a heavy Russian accent.

Walking around the venue like undercover agents, wearing a black coat and a black hat, randomly coming up to people, and then flashing them (3 people will be fully dressed in branded items and 1 will be in skimpy underwear.) then covering up and
shadily walking away.

Before the runway show, lounging on the runway and lazily dressing and/or undressing or dancing

There will be NO Nudity

Interested talent can submit their headshot/resume to: