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Thread: The Maly Theater Co. now in the US !!

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    The Maly Theater Co. now in the US !!

    For those living in the US. Last night I watched Chekhov's play, Uncle Vanya, which was put on here in Chapel Hill at the university by the Maly Theater Company of St. Petersburg. The company is touring the US and I strongly recommend you catch it if it comes near you. It is all in Russian. I have not been able to find a schedule. It is a wonderful production and the actors are great! I think every Russian within 50 miles came to the performance last night, judging from the crowd I saw in the lobby.

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    Re: The Maly Theater Co. now in the US !!

    sounds interesting...lack of a schedule makes things difficult!
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    Re: The Maly Theater Co. now in the US !!

    Gosh, I'm slow. It's so unusual to see the word "Малый" spelled like this, I first thought it was just a strange name of some unknown theatre -- at first read it "Maley", like in the word "male".
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