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Thread: Learn Russian Through Songs - Синие Сугробы

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    Learn Russian Through Songs - Синие Сугробы

    Hi everyone,

    First, I'd like to thank Lampada for introducing me to Синие Сугробы, a beautiful by Ада Якушева. There is a whole section in this forum with beautiful songs through which one can learn Russian.

    I strongly believe that songs is a great way to learn the language. For this reason, I recently started analysing Russian songs and making associations out of the lyrics (grammar, vocabulary, other songs, culture etc.). Синие Сугробы is the first song I put under the microscope. Here is what I came up with. I hope you find it useful.


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    Probably this is something like “наши друзья/близкие про нас [наши отношения] чего-нибудь наговорят/напридумывают”.


    However "сплетут" here is unusual. In normal speech it must be "наплетут". Moreover "сплетут" is not used in this meaning at all.
    And it seems to me that it is not about rhyme (it can be easely achieved with "наплетут"). But "Наплетут" is "plebeian/vulgar" word. Not so good for this song.
    "Сплести" sounds like semi-metaphor here. "to weave laces of words" which is why "наплести" in this meaning exists, but unfortunatly as part of "demotic speech".

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