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Thread: Karl Lagerfeld's view on Russia...

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    Karl Lagerfeld's view on Russia...

    You have to wait for the comment... it's all the way at the end. There is also another great one on political correctness right after!
    "But... do we have to know your opinion." How true!

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    This quote actually reached number 5 of the top discussed entries in the Russian blogs according to site. Believe you or not but most commenters actually have got this as a compliment in the way that being non attractive to Lagerfeld is a sort of being a "real" or "brutal" man.
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    At work and cannot see the ad, but I can guess. Isn't Lagerfeld g*a*y* anyway?
    I would rate Russian guys as among the best in Europe, (provided they don't drink too much).

    EDIT - now I've seen the clip. He should stick to fashion, rather than commenting on other people and countries.
    And why insult Russia, Greece and Italy? Some of his biggest customers might well be from one of those countries, since all of these countries have some disgustingly rich people who can afford haute couture.
    Apparently he is German himself.

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