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Thread: Jesus of siberia

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    Jesus of siberia

    any russians heard about this guy? ... ussia.html
    вдабавок он бывшый гаишинк!!
    Не откладывай на завтра того, с кем можешь переспать сегодня

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    Re: Виссарион

    Ok, you're talking about the famous "Vissarion" aka Виссарион

    He's got quite a lot of coverage in the UK actually. I've read about him several times in Metro and Evening Standard.

    I think he's cool in the respect that he is into ecological living and he seems to be a decent and caring person.
    He's not driven by money, which is a good sign...

    But is he Jesus returned to earth, as he seems to be claiming?
    That seems very unlikely...

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    Re: Jesus of siberia

    Quote Originally Posted by Кавказская пленница
    - Где у нас прокурор?
    - В 6-ой палате, где раньше Наполеон лежал.

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    Re: Jesus of siberia

    I don't think Jesus would wear socks with sandles. lol

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    Re: Jesus of siberia

    Haha, well I think Jesus is too cool to care about that...
    Or rather it's not a priority with him...

    I wonder if Vissarion has been on TV in Russia?
    There's got to be some interest in him...?

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    Re: Jesus of siberia

    Quote Originally Posted by Johanna
    I wonder if Vissarion has been on TV in Russia?
    There's got to be some interest in him...?
    I'v learned about him from this topic. But I rarely watch TV.
    Please, correct my mistakes, except for the cases I misspell something on purpose!

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