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Thread: Intermediate online/CD learning texts

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    Intermediate online/CD learning texts

    I have been living in russia for the last year and can understand most of whats happening around me, i.e. the news, colleagues' conversations etc and can speak pretty good pidgeon russian. I want to start learning properly and was wondering if there are any linguaphones / online courses dedicated to someone at an intermediate/advanced level? I know there are alot of excellent courses/linguaphones etc for beginners and also theres alot of material on the net located in different places but ideally i'd like one big book and a few cds or online resources that I could work my way through over a period of months. Does this exist? I've no problem paying for the right course.



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    Re: Intermediate online/CD learning texts

    Here's an excellent advanced level course: ... 869&sr=8-2

    Frankly, if you've never taken a proper course I think you should begin with their beg-intermediate level course. ... 869&sr=8-1
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