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Thread: hi pls help !!!!

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    hi pls help !!!!

    i cannot type in russian as the alphabets do not appear on the key board...
    how can i typy something in russian and get it translated to english

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    Re: hi pls help !!!!

    I am not sure I understand you correctly...

    Does it mean you spend much time trying to find the right key? Then print the image of Russian layout and see on it every time you forget where the needed letter is. It works! Soon you'll memorise where all the letters are. I learned in this way. Now I can type on any keyboard, even if there are no Russian/Ukrainian/German letters on it.

    Or you mean that you cannot add Russian layout? But can you see texts written in Cyrillic? Or your computer doesn't support it at all?

    Ok, some links: (how to activate Russian keyboard layout and not only this)
    (it's a programme for those who learns how to type or wants to type quicker, many languages are available)

    Some people use Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator:

    how can i typy something in russian and get it translated to english
    Just write in English. Or write in Russian using Latin letters and ask someone to translate the text (some people don't mind, because they have got used to such texts))). But forget about online translators, or you may get gibberish, like it was here :

    На тот случай, если на русском тебе читать легче, чем на английском, и кириллица у тебя все-таки корректно отображается:

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