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Thread: Esquire's Augmented Reality

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    Esquire's Augmented Reality

    Esquire magazine’s December issue features video links imbedded within the magazine.
    It uses Maya 3D software, designers at Psyop, the digital folks at The Barbarian Group

    Here’s a link to the Esquire video explaining what they’re doing:

    Here is a link to how it was done (trying to find a video, this is all text and photos):

    Here is a YouTube video someone made that contains most of the features of the magazine:
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    Re: Esquire's Augmented Reality

    Yep, the 'Popular Mechanics' magazine introduced this technology in Russia in Septemper. I read the article about it. In theory it sounds promising but I'm afraid that this technology will be fully utilized by advertisement companies and entertainment industry (in its worst form).
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