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Thread: Easy way to learn a language

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    Easy way to learn a language

    Hi there,

    here is a description of a very easy way to learn a language:

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    Re: Easy way to learn a language

    Has anyone clicked on that and downloaded, yet? It looks a little odd so I thought I'd wait and see if anyone had some feedback on it
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    Re: Easy way to learn a language

    Quote Originally Posted by DDT
    Has anyone clicked on that and downloaded, yet? It looks a little odd so I thought I'd wait and see if anyone had some feedback on it
    no, it's gotta be total BS.
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    Re: Easy way to learn a language

    I just downloaded and read it. Took all of 30 seconds. Of course it's bull. It says you should listen to an audio course while watching TV, read a bit in your accompanying book and be happy. The old 'soak it up subliminally' idiocy.

    Of course I don't know whether the PDF as such contains malicious code, so the Windows users among us should stay well away. It's not worth looking anyway.

    Спасибо за исправления!

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    Re: Easy way to learn a language my knowledge, learning a language takes more than sitting like a fat burger watching tv and reading a bit of the target language once in a while....I know that mp3 players are great tools, but as it's been said already, yes, i agree, it's bull
    nonetheless, it reminds me, that, if you'd listen to a tape while sleeping, well, right by the moment that your leg goes shivering for no reasons, and this corresponds to the moment where you are not awaken, but not totally asleep either, then at that precise moment, your brain is recording anything that goes thru it.
    interesting thought though...

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