Few days ago i got an idea that i could find some Russian comics. Generally i never liked to read them too much. I have found that there are some of them originally made in Russia but i did not manage to download them. Instead i found lot of marvel and similar comics translated in Russian. As i don't like those super hero stuff i picked randomly “100 bullets” which can be downloaded for free. https://comicsdb.ru/publishers/521/6306 It is some kind of crime – detective theme. Comics are in CBR file which could be easily read on android with “comic screen” and on PC with “comic rack” free apps.

The possible downside of that, the Russian translation (i assume that they are translated by some comics fans) is full of slang words and slang cursing which i found quite funny and entertaining but sometimes those slang expressions are killing me. Especially when they are additionally shortened. So i need to spend lot of time for some sentences or even single words. OK, I can reasonably fast understood what was the topic but i always want to be 100% sure what author exactly wanted to say. Otherwise what would be the point of reading-learning itself.

For now i found this more interesting than reading of novels because there you have pictures which you can connect with words.

The question is could you recommend something similar for reading. Something with less slang expressions. Anything. Any advice is welcome of course.

Except that, usually I pick random short news story's about events in Russia from Russia today or ren.tv and save them to PDF because i can't catch all the new words after one reading. So i repeat the the reading few days later.