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Thread: Borsch!

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    It turns out there is a recipe of Russian Borsch on I've read it and found it wrong.
    The matter is that there are two version of Borsch recipe... I would even say two opposing Schools of Borsch Cooking. The source of contention is the question when you should put the beet in your borsch.
    The first school is by the link above. So it is time for the second one.


    The major problem of the first recipe is that you put the stewed beet into a half finished soup, so it continues to boil for a long time and loses its natural color. The soup turns pale and you have to add lots of tomato paste and fresh tomatoes to restore its "redness". Wrong color, wrong flavor.

    For that reason, the stewed beet should be put in the borsch last.

    Сook the broth as usual: beef, cubed potatoes, shredded cabbage.

    At the same time, prepare the stewed part of borsch (зажарка) :
    Slice the onion, the carrot and the beet root. (I use a grater to slice the carrot and the beet.)
    Fry the onion and the carrot, then add the beet root and stew it for some time.
    You can also add some lemon juice, it helps the beet keeping its color and adds some flavor.

    When the broth is ready, put the stewed vegetables into it. The borsch gets a deep color and an amazing flavor. Turn off the stove, the borsch should not boil. Add several Cherry tomatos and various seasonings. Your borsch is ready!

    And finally:
    NO tomato paste in the borsch. Just NO.
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    I'll try the second recipe and probably mess it up Thanks a lot by the way!

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    I want to eat now( Borsch is the best thing in the world!

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    One more good thing to add to borsch is crushed cloves of garlic put in the end of boiling.
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