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Thread: Book and CD courses

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    Book and CD courses


    I am thinking of buying a book and CD Russian course. I want to learn grammar as well as spoken Russian The linguaphone course is one option at around

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    My recomendation is to save your money, and browse through the Internet. There are plenty of web sites that offer grammar, texts,verbal,etc., everything you would ever need to learn Russian. If you are interested, I can send you (private message) a long list of places where you can learn Russian, all for free.........And here at
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haksaw can learn Russian, all for free.........And here at
    "...Важно, чтобы форум оставался местом, объединяющим людей, для которых интересны русский язык и культура. ..." - MasterАdmin (из переписки)

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    The grammar/spelling militia is free here too...
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    For Grammar get the New Penguin book

    Then the best audio stuff is from Pimsleur which you can probably get free a the library, and Rosetta stone which you can subscribe to online.
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    This link here, provide by Chaika, has plenty of good stuff too.
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