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Thread: The best way to learn Russian in Russia?

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    The best way to learn Russian in Russia?

    Hello everyone,

    First a little background: I've been studying Russian for about two years, having picked it up in my Junior year of college (my major was German). After graduation, I left to teach English in a German Gymnasium on a grant, but I haven't given up the idea of studying in Russia so I can jump kick my entire language ability. Having achieved fluency in German, I know it when I say that I'm on the verge of a big breakthrough in Russian, but I need time in-country to achieve that.

    Since I'm not a student anymore, I can't go directly through a university program. I can, however, enroll in a Russian program on my own. I've looked at a bunch of different language schools in Russia and narrowed my search down to the Centre for International Education at MSU and the Centre of Russian Language and Culture at St. Petersburg State U. I could sign up as an intermediate/advanced student directly with one of these schools, who would then arrange my visa and my accomodation for my 10 months abroad.

    My other option would be going as a teacher. I've read numerous threads both here and at Dave's ESL Cafe, so I'm not going to go too much into it. My main focus right now are these two programs. Does anyone have any first-hand experience with either one? I would really appreciate any input you might have heard about either one.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: The best way to learn Russian in Russia?

    i studied at ЦМО ( i guess the price is reasonable, what you get from lessons will probably depend a lot on you but the main thing is that you'll get a 10 month study visa (if you choose the year-long prog.)
    just try not to stay in the шабловка dorm. they are strict as hell, no non-MGU guests (no possibility of bribe here), they threaten to evict you if you return after 12 and so on. also, there are like 90% koreans there, which is fine, but not if you're interested in perfecting your russian with natives
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    Re: The best way to learn Russian in Russia?

    Ok so I think I can answer your quetion pretty easily. I'm doing pretty much what you want to. I graduated college after taking Russia for one year and having been here twice before I knew I wanted to come back. So i worked for two years and then did a program through SRAS ( Its a little pricey. You can go through the university yourself at SPb but its a little more of a hastle getting registered, visa extensions etc. as a few of my friends have done this. I am happy enough with my classes here, although I managed to test into a higher class after not speaking Russian for two years and am a little lost at times. But me personally I would recommend Piter over Moscow anyday other may see it otherwise. I did live in the dorms and like Lt. Columbo said a lot of them are pretty strict. I had to be back by tweleve, they were far away from the center, and guest...if you want overnight guests etc. are virtually impossible. Needless to say you feel like a prisoner sometimes. There was a good mix of Russians and Foreigners, mostly asains as well. However its pretty easy to find roommates and a flat if you willing to take a few weeks to do it. I moved out after about four weeks.

    As for teaching I am currently teaching English at 3 schools, For BIS, English City, and at a private highschool. There are no shortages of English jobs here for native speakers at the moment. So you shouldn't have a probelm with finding work and having experience is good. Oh and chances are if you come here for a 10 month visa you'll probably end up staying longer. As of now i'm planning on several years and many of my friends here planned on doing one year and have been here for 3-4 now so be prepared for that

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    Re: The best way to learn Russian in Russia?

    I went here:

    It is 4 hours per day, 5 days a week. All classes are "Russian only" no other language is to be spoken in the building. It is not as expensive as a lot of schools and you can go there as little or long as you want or can afford. I would say it helps but it takes many months or years to become fluent.

    You can also just forget the schools if you want and simply hire a Russian private tutor 2 hours a day for cheaper than the schools will offer. I did this also, and prefer the private tutor method because i got far more experience in actually speaking Russian while in class with a private tutor plus it is cheaper and lessons can be arranged when around your schedule! here is the website for that:

    It is just a couple of women who coordinate times to meet you for lessons in st Petersburg cafes and bistros. You can negotiate your own prices. Tell them i said "Hi"!
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