Hi!!! I'm a Russian girl and I'm a student of the University. I'd like to ask you for help. The case is that I'm very interested in English language, now I'm writing a paper about the differences between English and Russian mentality and how these differences are reflected in the language. It's important for me, because I'm going to be a teacher of Russian language as foreign. Can you give some associations for my research?
It's important for me to have some native English speakers' answers.
If you have free time, please, answer.
Firstly, please, write your name (only name), age, your occupation.
Then write, please, five words you think about when the case is Russia and Russian people, then five words you think about, when the case is England and English people.
Can you write five features of the Russian national character and five features of the English national character (begin with the most important)?
And the last request - give your associations for these words: communication, character, English, Russian, culture, language.
Thank you! )