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Thread: 9 dead in California slaying

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    9 dead in California slaying


    Sorry, t8at's 8 "people" dead.

    'No motive yet' in deadly salon shooting

    • The suspect was arrested while driving away from the salon
    • The suspect was "cooperative" and didn't resist, police said
    • The ninth gunshot wound victim remains in critical condition, police said
    • Homicides are uncommon in Seal Beach, according to police

    Los Angeles (CNN) -- Police will continue to look for answers Thursday in a deadly Southern California shooting that killed eight people and critically injured a ninth.
    Six people were found dead Wednesday afternoon inside the Salon Meritage after Seal Beach police responded to a call about shots being fired inside the business, Sgt. Steve Bowles said. Three others were critically wounded, with two of them later dying of their injuries.
    A suspect, described as a white male, is in custody, he added.

    Cops: Several dead in salon shooting
    "He was cooperative. He did not provide any resistance to the officers, and he was taken into custody," Bowles said.
    In addition to the people who were killed and injured, he said, "There were people in the salon who were not shot."
    Authorities are investigating what relationship the gunman had with anyone inside the salon.
    "We don't know if he's related or what his involvement is with the salon," Bowles said.
    "It appears that the salon was busy at the time, and it appears as if almost every hair station was occupied," he added.
    The people shot appeared to be seeking shelter or cover during the shooting, Bowles said. Victims were scattered throughout the salon, and one of the injured was a man who was found outside the salon -- the only victim found outdoors -- Bowles said.
    Authorities don't know if that man was shot inside or outside the salon, he added. That man is in critical condition, police said.
    The suspect was arrested by police a half mile from the salon as he was driving a vehicle, Bowles said.
    "We don't have the make and the model of the weapon" used in the shooting, he said. "There was a weapon recovered at the scene of the apprehension of the suspect.
    "He advised there were weapons in the vehicle, but we don't have information at this point," Bowles continued.
    Police don't know whether the gunman made any utterances during the mass shooting.
    "We do not know at this point if the shots were fired only inside -- or outside as well," Bowles said.
    Gunshot wounds were "at all different locations on the bodies," he said.
    The Salon Meritage, in the 500 block of Pacific Coast Highway, is within blocks of the Pacific Ocean.
    The salon features a receptionist and a waiting area.
    Seal Beach is a "small" and "fairly intimate" coastal town where "we have multiple years with zero homicides, so this obviously is an unusual and tragic circumstance," Bowles said
    Девушка - лoвушка.

    Пожалуйста, кто-то скажи мне, есть ли ошибки где-то.

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    And this has what to do with learning Russian?

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    I can't help but suspect Mr. Miles knows something we don't.. Мартин, давай!
    Грязные башмаки располагают к осмотрительности в выборе дороги. /*/ Muddy boots choose their roads with wisdom. ;

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidkboom View Post
    I can't help but suspect Mr. Miles knows something we don't.. Мартин, давай!
    Maybe he simply lives closer to the crime scene?

    On the subject, this is just scaring, and goes to show you'd better have a gun and carry it with you. I'm sure if there'd been people with guns in the salon, the madnuts would've been the only shot person.

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    Whether it is in Russia or the USA, the world is just getting crazier and crazier. Another drop in the bucket. For example, a man shoots multiple people for no apparent motive, then cooperates with police and gives no resistance like nothing ever happened. The town has had multiple years of no homicides until now.

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