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Do people who live in eastern Russia look more Asian or more European?

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by , September 22nd, 2010 at 11:37 AM (107416 Views)
The quick answer is they look more European.

The total population of Russia is 145.1 million people with 79.8% ethnic Russians (2002 Census) which means they are European-looking.

If you look at the density map of ethnic Russians by region you will find that there are only two administrative districts in the Eastern part where density of ethnic Russians is less than 50% -- the Republics of Tuva and Sakha: Ethnic Russians by Region

Now the number of ethnic Russians in Tuva represents 20.1% of the total 306,000 local population, and the number of ethnic Russians in Sakha is 41.2% of the total of 949,000 local population.

Compare that tiny prevalence of non-ethnic Russians (452K people) to at least 50-60% of ethnic Russians living in Siberia (total population 20M) and the Russian Far East (total population 6.7M) and you will find that on average people look more European in either Siberia or the Russian Far East, or both combined.

If you really want to find places where Russians look more Asian you gotta look for Republics and Autonomous okrugs which are administrative divisions meant to cater for specific ethnic minorities. Within the constraints of a small number of Republics and Autonomous divisions, you might find people looking more Asian on average.
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  1. Hanna's Avatar
    This is very interesting....
    I remember my surprise when I saw a picture of Viktor Tsoi for the first time after having listened to his music on cassettes as a teenager. Even though the band was from St Petersburg and he is Russian, he looks Asian.

    All the different people of Russia makes it a much more interesting country!

    By the way, I think I will start a blog here....
  2. Basil77's Avatar
    Viktor Tsoi was ethnic Korean btw.
  3. gRomoZeka's Avatar
    Yeah, Tsoi was half- (or 1/4) Korean.
    But you can see quite a lot of asian looking people in some parts of Siberia, where some local etnic groups live (as Master Admin said), for example in Chukotka:
  4. Barsuk's Avatar
    I live in Siberia almost all my life. More then 1/2 of my friends look more Asian. Or Azerbaijanian Or Dagestanian and other
    Живу в Сибири почти всю жизнь. Больше половины моих друзей выглядят скорее азиатами, или ... не знаю теперь, как сказать по-русски лучше про остальных россиян.
    В общем, исконно русская внешность, как она выглядит в сказках и преданиях (светло-русые волосы, зелёные, серые или голубые глаза, светлая кожа), редка в наших краях.
  5. Crocodile's Avatar
    В общем, исконно русская внешность, как она выглядит в сказках и преданиях [...] редка в наших краях.
    Ну, зачем так депрессивно? Ещё не перевелись лягушки на Земле Русской! Стерегут просторы землицы нашей коньки-горбунки и козлики! Век стоит Русь - не шатается!

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