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    - Дорогая, что бы ты хотела получить ко дню рождения?
    - Я пока не ...
    by Published on September 30th, 2010 12:32 PM

    Our Russian forum is a place to learn more about the Russian language and culture. It's also a great place for language exchange between Russians and English speakers learning Russian as a foreign language. To get started, simply check the latest discussions that are taking place under the Forum tab. If you are a new user, please take a moment to introduce yourself in the Introduce Yourself section.

    Learn Russian

    Learning Russian is the main theme of this forum. In addition to reading free Russian lessons available at MasterRussian.com, we invite you to ask questions about Russian grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and language learning. The forum features sections for free translations, penpals, language exchange, and practicing your Russian.

    Discuss Russian culture

    While learning Russian, you will want to understand more about Russian people and culture. Our forum has a large section where you can discuss anything about Russia -- politics, culture, history, Russian cities, Russian music, travelling to Russia, and many other topics.

    Forum rules

    We have developed a few rules to help make this forum a fun and safe place to learn Russian and discuss related subjects. Please, respect these rules when using the forums:

    1 - You are welcome to post any ideas about the Russian language and culture. No off-topic posts are allowed.
    2 - Whenever you create a new topic, you must give it a meaningful descriptive name. No gibberish and one-word subjects, please.
    3 - Do not post obscenities or insult other users. You can challenge somebody's ideas but no personal attacks are allowed.
    4 - Choose appropriate categories/forums for your posts
    5 - Try to check your grammar and spelling before submitting a post
    6 - Try to make posts that have some essence to them.
    7 - Please, no spam or advertising on the forums
    8 - Online one account per person is allowed.
    9 - All posts must be in English or Russian, except for the special "Other languages" section of the forum where you can use several other languages.

    Welcome to the forums, and good luck!
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    Lev Durov the merchant was about to trade in distant lands. Before leaving home he asked his three ...

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