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Thread: Holland vs. Netherlands

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    A very nice explanation (YouTube clip) about the difference: Holland vs the Netherlands - YouTube.

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    i give up XD

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    In English, 'Netherlands' is the name of the country. In English you can say both 'the Netherlands' and 'Netherlands'. The Dutch themselves, in the Dutch language, don't use 'the' in front of the country name anymore, because using 'the' in front of the country name stems from very old archaic Dutch. English speakers still use 'the' in front of 'Netherlands', because they still use the archaic translation and using 'the Netherlands' simply sounds better in English sentences.

    'Holland' is a short name for two provinces in the Netherlands, namely Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland. (North-Holland and South-Holland)

    Because 'the Netherlands' is such a mouth full, many people from other countries call it 'Holland'. The Dutch also do this when cheering at football matches, because it's easier to pronounce when cheering and singing.

    The two provinces, North-Holland and South-Holland are the two most populous provinces in the Netherlands and historically they have had the most influence on other countries in the world. They are also economically the most prosperous provinces.

    'The Netherlands' is used when speaking formally and 'Holland' is used when speaking very casually.

    Most Dutch people won't mind if you use 'Holland' instead of 'the Netherlands', however in general you will sound more informed and intelligent if you use '(the) Netherlands', because that's the real name of the country.

    If someone lives in the Netherlands, then he or she is called 'Dutch' (a Dutch citizen). The language that is spoken in the Netherlands is also called 'Dutch' (the Dutch language).

    That's it.
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