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    In russian tradition whats family like/refered to?I suck at explaining things so heres an example:Most parts of india first cousins and brother/sister are almost interhangable.When you say brother i can mean both and you have to specify if you mean it in the western sense(there's a wod but dont know the literal translation).Thanks for bearing with my crapines!

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    Re: Family

    Quote Originally Posted by new1
    Most parts of india first cousins and brother/sister are almost interhangable.
    The situation is similar in Russia.
    brother - брат (brat)
    first cousin - двоюродный брат (dvoyurodnyi brat)
    The word двоюродный (dvoyurodnyi) is often omitted unless you want to specify. Though I think if one is telling someone about his family for the first time he would specify.
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