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Thread: Please help me understand this sentence "Нельзя побить шашку когда в дамках ,а..."

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    Please help me understand this sentence "Нельзя побить шашку когда в дамках ,а..."

    This is a negative comment that a user speaking Russian left on my company's app:

    Нельзя побить шашку когда в дамках ,а компьютер бьёт.

    For context the app is a Checkers (Shashki) game.

    The Google translated of the sentence is "You can not beat the checker when the Kings and the computer beats." which we don't understand what it means. Does he/she mean the game is too hard for him to beat the computer or something else entirely?

    Many thanks if someone can help me understand what the user means!

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    Phrase is too short and unclear, seems like kid. I wouldn't bother.
    I would say it can be understood in 2 different ways:
    1) he couldn't capture enemy 'man' by his 'king', but computer could. that is, bug.
    2) he thinks rules are not 'russian' and 'king' cannot fly over desk at full length (but of course, computer did it).

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