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Thread: Just a curious question

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    Just a curious question

    what do the people of Russia or any of the neighboring countries think of poeple of colour? How are they treated in Russia? Like black

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    Which color?
    Не балуй!

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    Russians are much more nationality-conscience than Americans are. This doesn't necessarily translate to negative interaction with "colored" people for all Russians, but it defiantly does for some. I think if you go to Moscow as a colored person, you have to be aware that you will find yourself in some uncomfortable positions, and at the very least have to deal with some behavior that is considered offensive in America. At the worst you could be targeted by skinheads and attacked. I won’t dwell on that, as it is rather rare – but still much more common than in America. I have dark-skinned friends who visited Russia and had a great time. The had to have courage, though, and be tough enough to not take certain things there personally.

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